Smartthings Motion Sensor and GE Z Wave Smart Dimmer?

Wondering if anyone has used SmartThings motion censors and GE Z Wave smart dimmers to activate lights when someone walks into a hallway. My goal is to say if motion and evening then turn the light on. If second motion and evening then turn off. Please let me know if you have had any success.

Turn on with motion is a simple SmartLighting routine.

Turn off with a second motion is difficult if not impossible.

The standard is on with motion, off X minutes after motion stops.

You can use CoRE to toggle the switch. So if it’s off it turns on, if its on, its turns off.

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You could do that, although for a hallway most people have it set up so that motion turns the light on and absence of motion will turn it off again. That way it doesn’t matter which direction you’re coming from. When there’s movement in the area at the light comes on, then when there hasn’t been movement for a little while, the light goes off again. It just depends on exactly what you’re trying to accomplish. :sunglasses:

Thanks, all! You’ve brought up great points i didn’t think about. I appreciate the feedback and will let you know how i set it up.

I got it working for my drive way lights, so far so good.

Drive way lights turn on and set dimmer to 30% at sunset and off at sunrise. This just gets the lights on.
Drive way lights turn on and set dimmer to 100% trigger motion starts (leave turn off after motion stops) starting at sunset and ending at sunrise.
Drive way lights turn on and set dimmer to 30% trigger motion stops starting at sunset and ending at sunrise.

I’ve had to adjust the timing of sunrise and sunset or you can just specify the times you want it to work. Now my drive way lights come on at 30% and when the sensor sees motion they bump to 100%, my motion sensor staps active for 30 or so seconds after it sees no motion then the lights dim back down to 30%.

I’m sure Core can do this easy but I’m still learning and one day I’ll figure it out.

So I have a similar issue. I am trying to:

Motion - turn light on 20%
no motion for 10 min - turn off
if light power changes manually keep on until no motion for 10 min - turn off

The main issue that I was having is that if I tripped the motion again after changing the dimmer to 100% the light would dim back down to 20%.

Any help is appreciated,


I figured it out.

Was it webCoRE?

I use If Light Level is Less Than or Equal To 20%