Smart Lightning runs when not needed

I use two different instances of Smart Lightning for my bathroom via a Fibaro Dimmer 2. One at daytime setting my lights to 80%, and one at night setting lights to 10%. They are both triggers by an Aeon Multisensor 6.
Sometimes at night I need to adjust my lights up using a wall momentary switch. This works fine, but suddenly the lights are set to 10% again.
Can this be avoided using the SmartApp, or can the SmartApp be changed in such a way that it does not run if already on?

This is because the multisensor is detecting motion and changing the lights to the level you defined in the SmartApp. You may be able to create a CoRE routine that lessens the problem but I’m not sure if there is much you can do in Smart Lighting.


Pretty much well gave up on Smart Lighting for anything other than basic automations. Here is a CoRE piston that should work for you. Adjust according to your needs. This piston works by turning on the light only 30% and if the light is greater than 30% then it doesn’t reset back to 30% or cut off after motion stops. I have another piston that will cut the light off if no motion is detected in 10 minutes. Once you learn CoRE, you will be able to write, fairly quickly, complex automations that are just not possible using SmartThing native apps.
Good Luck!

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This is obviously a weakness in the Smart App. Is there any way I can influence the development of the app? Or get the source and make my own version?