Light dim then restore function

There is a “Porch Light App” that I use that really works great but it looks like you are trying to make routines take on these functions.

For that reason, it would be great if the device remembered the current dim level, then when active allow you to change it to a different level and then once the event is over, return it to the previous level.

I will give you an example for my front porch:

Every night at sunset my porch light comes on and dims to 10%.
Should the motion detector show motion (in this case, the motion from my Ring doorbell) it raises the dimming level to 100%. Also, if I open my front door, it dims the front porch light to 100%.
Then after a predetermined amount of time (in my case, 5 minutes), it returns the level back to 10%.
It repeats this until it turns off at 10PM on weeknights, and 11PM on weekends.
Then, after it turns off (0%), should motion happen, it dims to 100%, waits 5 minutes, and then turns off.
This stops at sunrise.

I have 3 doors I use this for: Front, Side and Garage.

I could also use this for one of my kitchen undercabinet lights, which kind of stays like a night light. 30% 30-minutes before sunset (I call dusk), 1% after 10PM weeknights and 11PM weekend nights. Having the ability to dim up to a level (probably 50%) would be nice while I am awake but I would keep it from rising up after 10PM/11PM (Night mode) so I do not blind myself if I want to get a drink.

How do you obtain the ‘porch light app’ you referenced?