Poorly Implemented Notifications

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At least on Android, SmartThings notifications are not time stamped. Why? Is this simply an oversight, or is there a technical reason why SmartThings notifications lack a timestamp?


Can you provide a screenshot? I totally agree that our notifications need improvement (things like stacking, embedded actions, etc.), though I’m seeing a timestamp beside each notification on my N6P.

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Hi @Tyler

The timestamp you’re seeing is the time it came in on the phone, not the time the notification was sent. So if your phone is off, or otherwise not connected to data, or if (as I have seen) the notification was delayed, you’re not shown when the notification was sent (only when it was received).

Conversely, if I get a notification from MyQ, or Reminders, or Calendar, etc., the notification itself has a timestamp that displays when the notification originated.

So with your screen shot, it would look something like:

Test Push at 9:30 AM; 01/07/16


Test Push
9:30 AM; 01/07/16

I know I can open the app and go to the notifications screen and see the actual times as indicated by @bravenel’s screen shot, but it would be much more convenient (and safer if driving) if the actual time stamp was displayed in the notification.

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Hi Scott, I also think this is a serious issue that I wish they would address. It seems like there were timestamps in the notifications themselves when I first started ST spring of 2016. But then they went away in the summer or so.

I really wish they came back or were an option one could include. Frequently enough, my notifications are delayed. Often enough that I no longer trust them being on time. And I REALLY wish the notification itself just said when it was originally output. Otherwise I have to page through all my device event screens to see if it was lagged or not.

This has essentially had me give up on these being timely, or caring. It really devalues SmartThings as a helpful tool for me. If you can’t trust when they originated, you wind up assuming they’re wrong and blowing it off as useful, when you’re busy doing other things.

So I really wish they just said when they originated, in the text of each notification. Or we had an option to include it, if they don’t think everyone wants it.

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