Notification Delays

My wife and I both have the Smart Things apps on our phones. Both phones are identical and the settings are the same.

I have ST set to send push notifications on certain events. My phone gets the push notifications within a few seconds, a minute at most. But for some reason the notification to my wifes phone comes in about an hour later. Can’t seem to figure out a reason. They used to come in almost at the same time or at least within a few seconds of each other.

In the ST I only have the notification set to send to my phone as we found out that no matter which phone or device we selected it always sent to all of them. If I selected both devices then we both got 2 notifications for the same thing.

Any thoughts or ideas as to what I should look for? They are Android by the way.

I would suggest disabling battery optimisation for the SmartThings app. Android automatically does battery optimisation for each app.

You should also try turning off any general battery savings. Make sure Wifi or Cell Network is always on.

That was the first thing I checked. It’s all set correctly. I checked every setting I can think of. About 1/2 the time they come in pretty much together. The rest of the time who knows. I’m thinking it has something to do with the version of Android or some other app she has. Just can’t figure it out. But as long as mine keeps coming in a timely manner, it’s no big thing.

Does her phone sit idle to for extended periods of time? Have you tried keeping the app open on the phone rather than closing it?