Laggy notifications in a rush, hours later?

Hi everyone,

I have an Android and get a bunch of SmartThings (ST) notifications. I also have a Liftmaster garage door notification, which has nothing to do with ST.

About 80% of the time, I get notifications as expected… within a second or so.

But often enough, there is a really big lag. Like 15 minutes or even 2 hours. Then suddenly I’ll get notifications. Sometimes a ton all at once (whatever happened in the meantime).

I know that it’s not SmartThings per se because the Liftmaster notifications are always in the lagged-out bunch (if there has also been a garage door event, of course). I have a number of sensors around my garage, so this is often the case.

I ask here because although it’s not ST per se, I don’t know what it could be. Maybe some of you know.

It’s not battery optimization. I have both ST and Liftmaster not optimized, and it’s still happening.

For the record, I think this has only been happening the past few months. I started ST a year ago and I do not remember it being an issue at all until recently.

Any ideas, anyone?

Thanks if you can help!

This used to happen to me sometimes on an android phone. It would always seem to happen for notifications that probably were sent right when I was entering/exiting my own wifi.

I would do a hard reset and it seemed to resolve itself, until the next time. I no longer have an android, but that is what I remember, hope that helps.

Hi Greg, I will try to keep it in mind. My impression is that it isn’t that, but maybe I am missing something. (For one thing, I definitely get notifications which seem on time when I am away from home.)

A hard reset of the phone, you mean?


I did too. But then when I got home, I’d get an extra “garage door closed” which was likely the one I didn’t receive when I left.

I have been experiencing this recently (last 7 days). Notification has been very delayed.
Strangely it is the door closing alert.
Example, I get the door open alert almost immediately. Then the door closes very soon after (as I leave the house). But the door close alert comes 1/2 hour later.
This has only started about 7 days ago.
The new firmware maybe??

I experienced this yesterday for the first time. When I got home I got several notifications, some that I was expecting nearly an hour earlier. Most were ST but there was also a severely delayed IFTTT notification in there too.

My laggy notifications might occur more often when I leave home, but it is definitely not the only thing. Which probably means it is not the main thing.

Right now I am staring at the ST app which is registering that a motion detector event went off. But I am not getting the notification. I have been at home since 7 pm yesterday, 16 hours ago.

Does anyone have any more ideas on what could be causing this lag? I could try to test something right now, while it’s in the lagged state, if I knew what to test.