Time in History of devices shows 24:xx

I think someone goofed and made the times for 00:xx appear as 24:xx in the new app.

Edit: Image attached.


Can you share a screenshot please?

Now attached in post.

I’ve seen it too

@Brad_ST, @jody.albritton, @blake.arnold

Could you please have a look at the OP. It is definitely something what should be fixed.

I’ve noticed it also. What’s interesting is even though it says 24h, it still shoes up on the next day correctly and in chronological order.

It’s the new metric day. 100 hours of 100 minutes.

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Except it’s not lol.

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I took a quick look and wasn’t able to reproduce. Which OS, app version, any other details like what @Paul_DeFeo mentioned?

As a general note, also make sure to report issues like this to support so they can be tracked and prioritized properly.

Galaxy S7 running Android 8.0.0

Samsung Tab A running Android 9.0.0

Pixel3 Android 10

I get 00:xx too, so it isn’t a universal problem. Android 9 on Samsung in the UK.

I have a Samsung Galaxy S10+. Latest update on Android 10. Smartthings version 1.7.44-21.

I understand and I did report it using the report feedback or whatever in the app. However the reply I got was along the lines of “Oh just change your date and time settings from 24hr to 12hr”…10/10 reply really. I’ve had a handful of issues before that I’ve reported, some with ST and others just samsung in general, and I just get a generic “reset your entire phone” reply at times. It would be better to just get a “I’ll have someone look into it” reply.

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My response back was positive this time. They understood there was an issue and are sending it up the food chain.

I do plan on letting them know my device is not set to 24 hour format and that the new app only displays in 24 hour format after one of the last couple of updates.

Dear Samsung Customer,

Thank you for reaching out to Samsung SmartThings Support.

I’m writing to you with regard to your concern on the device history showing incorrect time format.

As your device has been set for 24 hours format, after 24 hours it should display 00:00. Based upon the screenshot which you have shared the time stamp is showing as 24:30 and I also see that the time stamp is showing correctly after 1AM.

Thank you for bringing this to our notice, we will forward this issue to our developer team.

Please write back for further assistance.

Thank you for contacting us.

Best regards,

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I was thinking about this today, what a challenge it could be to manage the time display as 24:xx. It is usually built in feature of many languages to handle time and formats. Someone must have reinvented the wheel, but a bit more square shaped.

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How do I upgrade to that premium level of support lol. This was what I got after saying this.


Time displayed in history is wrong. Time shows 24:xx instead of 00:xx for 12am.


Hi there,

Thank you for contacting Samsung SmartThings Support.

I understand that you are facing issues with the display of the time in the SmartThings app history.

In order to change this I request you to please follow the below:

  • Go to settings
  • Click on general settings
  • Click on Date and Time option
  • Then you will find an option to Disable the 24hr time format.

This should also change your SmartThings App notifications.

If you face any issues please get back to us with the screenshots.


Support tldr:

Don’t want to see the problem, hide it.

The last 2 times I reported a bug or was positive.

The first bug a few weeks ago I received the canned response and I politely replied back that what they are recommending would not fix the bug and referenced them to the community thread.

It’s frustrating but I bet they get more bug reports that are user errors than true bug reports. I worked in tech support (on-site) and there were so many ID10T errors.

That’s true, a lot is just usually user error. But support centers from India usually have people who aren’t familiar with the software/product that just read off a predefined script to solve problems and over time it gets really old having to explain stuff to support and get read a script where there final solution is to just say do a master reset of everything. Samsungs support is by far the worst, especially if its a physical product you’re calling in for.

I had an issue in the past with automations not triggering between a time interval of sunset to sunrise and when I was talking with support I got the " lets reset your hub and re add your devices" I refused and linked threads from here that were a similar issue to try to prove to them it wasn’t just me and that they should look into it further/escalate it.

I’m currently having issues with my S10+ and notifications getting hung up for hours at times until I disconnect wifi and bluetooth, and most times even that doesn’t fix it and I have to restart my phone entirely to have the notifications arrive. But its also affecting my geolocation somehow even though apps like gps fix show all methods reporting correctly. So my automations for me arriving home wont trigger when I have this notification lock up of some sort and it affects other apps as well (honeywell home). There have been tons of similar complaints on samsungs forums but I know if I call support I’ll get a “reset your phone” reply lol.
So for the time being I hope it eventually gets resolved and I just restart my phone often daily.