SmartThings Time Stamp Question

Is there currently a way to see the EXACT time a device triggered? By way of example, the device in SharpTools shows it closed at 4:06:29 PM

The same device (using SmartThings Advanced Web App) closed at 4:06 PM

I’m trying to figure out if there is a delay between SmartThings and SharpTools.

The timestamps in SharpTools show the time as reported by SmartThings.

Keep in mind that there’s a minor difference between SmartThings event times and state times.

When SmartThings transitioned from Groovy to their next-gen platform, they started truncating the event times down to second level precision whereas if you query SmartThings for the state, the state is stored at the millisecond precision.

That being said, your second screenshot of the SmartThings Advanced webapp Attributes section only shows the state timestamp truncated to the minute level.

You can scroll down to the Events section in the SmartThings Advanced webapp and you’ll see the event timestamps truncated to minute precision again, but if you look closely at the preview URL when you hover over one of the timestamp links, you’ll see it shows the timestamp truncated to seconds precision.

For reference, you can see that this matches the latest event time reported for the same attribute in SharpTools exactly:

Alternatively, you could use the SmartThings REST API directly to confirm the timestamps of the states and event history reported for your device.


Thanks Josh!

It is exact.

Since it is what SmartThings is “reporting” to SharpTools, I guess it will always be an exact match. That doesn’t help me track down a delay.

You are on top of things as usual.

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