Poor Battery Life for Samsung Motion Sensor


I got a samsung motion sensor as part of my starter kit, and I’m seeing the device not lasting very long on batteries.

On the first battery that came with the device, it lasted just over a month. The device was set up in my office and was configured to turn on my plugs if it detected motion, and turn them off it detected no motion after 15 minutes. I then replaced it with a Duracell battery, which only lasted a week.

I thought that the battery may have been used up quickly due to its location, so I have now moved it to the hallway where it turns on/off lights when motion is/isn’t sensored between sunset and sunrise. Since being moved, the first battery lasted 5 days and the latest one only a few days.

I’m assuming the device is faulty. How do I go about getting it replaced?

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You’re probably best off to contact SmartThings Support. See https://support.smartthings.com/

(The forum is not an official channel, although there are lots of folks here happy to share their experiences & ideas!)

I have the same issue. Any update regarding this issue pls?

I ended up getting the unit replace, and since then the device has lasted a month and half with 89% battery left. I have however moved the new device to a different location (in the same room), so the environment isn’t the same.