Motion Sensor Battery issue?


I recently purchased one of the kits that included the motion sensor. I paired it last night and put it in a place where there is little motion. (by our back door for now) This morning I went to simply look at the sensor’s info to notice the battery is already down to 74%. We don’t have animals or anything like that to keep triggering it. Also, i looked at the activity and there is none from 9pm to 7am this morning and I hooked it up last night at 8pm and there were maybe 10 entries between 8 and 9 and another 10 this morning.

I am concerned about this as at this rate it will be dead before the weekend. Is there something wrong with this unit perhaps?

Last, are there rechargeable batteries folks are getting for these as I see they are not a standard battery?


Hey Bline -

The motions use ranges for measuring battery I think 88-100, 55-77, 33-55. something like that. so your 74 could mean anywhere from 55-74. All of my ST devices came with 88%. I haven’t had anything die on me yet other than a moisture sensor and my sensors are nearly a year old. There are some battery monitoring apps on the forums but I believe ST will now alert you when a device gets low.

Hey Great thanks again for the responses. I thought I better start separating my questions into individual threads. Sounds like the battery i got with my unit maybe is a little low perhaps for some reason. Odd. The other device said 100 so that one is good it seemed.

Do you know if there are rechargeable batteries you can get for these?

Last, you had mentioned in a previous post about smaller form factor devices coming out in 2015. do you know if the motion sensor was one of them by chance as it seems a little large for what it does. Only Curious.

I don’t use rechargeable so I’m not sure. If you got the 2013 motion you can just plug it in to the wall.

Here is the blog post about the new devices. I honestly haven’t read it yet. I’ll wait until they are actually released

Most if the devices I have gotten from Smartthings or online with batteries did not start with 100%. They started with 70% to 90%. However to test the device I would change out the battery and it would show 100%, In almost a year I have not had any devices run out of batteries yet.

Sounds good. I might pull it and see what happens and replace it to see if that resets it. I had the little sensor also drop to where they are both at 70% as of this morning so maybe it slowed/stopped we will see.

I have the same issue. Batteries drain super fast. The sensor is in a busy spot however from 3pm to 6-7pm everyday nobody is at home so it is supposed ro be idle. I have used 3 new (cr2450 panasonic) batteries as recommenden and they last 2 weeks at the most.
Should I start thinking I have a defective senso