Smartthings Motion sensor battery life is ridiculuos

Is anyone having battery issues with samsung smartthings motion sensor? Batteries drain super fast. The sensor is in a busy spot however from 3pm to 6-7pm everyday nobody is at home so it is supposed to be idle. I have used 3 new (cr2450 panasonic) batteries as recommended and they last 2 weeks at the most.
Should I start thinking I have a defective sensor??

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Yes probably defective. I have mine in a high traffic area and its still going strong after 10 months of installing it. Still shows 77%

Yep, sounds defective to me. Ours is in our living room so one of our most widely used rooms. Its been in there for 11 months and checking the app now its showing an impressive 89% battery remaining.

Had two in for almost a year, and both >75%.

I have used my 7 ST motion sensors for 5 weeks. All show 100% still.

:cry: i will have to start a support ticket then.

Battery levels are reported in rounded tiers. It is not unusual for a sensor to drop to 7X% in the first few days or weeks, but then it should stabilize. It might be easiest to go pick up a new battery to check it wasn’t just a bad battery - otherwise, feel free to shoot a note over to support (our good looking staff will take care of you).

I have tried it with 3 new batteries and nothing changes

ive had the battery on mine changed just last september 2017 and now its down to 1%!

its in the laundry room and just turns on the laundry light when motion is detected, wait for 5 minutes until there is no motion and then turn off the laundry room light… its not heavy traffic area and surely we do not do our laundry everyday.