Motion sensors battery life

Evening all!

On the 14th of January I replaced the batteries on three of my second generation motion sensors as they were either 1% or dead. Today I had to replace them again as one was dead and the other two were on 1%. I know this cant be normal. The batteries were brand new Duracells on the 14th and brand new Panasonics today. Surely even in the cold weather - my flat is probably around 5 centigrade while I am away - this cant be right? Ive done a rest of the sensors so will see what happens now. If they keep doing this I will assume it is an age thing and start looking at replacing them with xiaomis.

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I suppose that the new batteries were actually unused? I’ve been known to put used batteries back in the pack for the sake of tidiness, with the absolute intention of throwing them out when I next pass the recycling bin :grin:

A couple of mine have been showing 1% for over a month and they’re still working.

I just checked one of those batteries with an electrical tester and it’s showing 2.99 volts so the calculation in the DTH is definitely messed up.

I second this as well. 4 of my motion sensors at 1% for over a month now and I just replaced 2 last week. It’s a mess.

Same here. All 4 of my motion sensors dropped to 1% within a day of replacing the batteries. I’ve replaced them 3 times now.

Yep me too. Been showing 1% for well over a month now, maybe even two.

I am tired changing the batteries few times per month. I have only two motion sensors and three doors sensors and I have been busy changing batteries. I was using Panasonic batteries I bought them from Amazon. The question is how to fix this issue. Is there better battery for Samsung IOT? or just forget about Samsung sensors and get different sensors brand i.e. Fibaro FGMS-001 ZW5 Motion Sensor.

@Ali_Alaoui I have been ignoring the alerts since about February.

Me too, I have had loads of support emails on the subject, they have acknowledged a problem but no solution. I have device health turned off and I still get battery warnings, probably 5 or 6 a day. I take batteries out and check them with a meter, no problems with them

I just ignore the warnings but its bloody anoying

I’ve had mine installed for 3 weeks and i’m at 33%
Is there a fix for this yet pleaw?

Same here. Just replaced battery 2 weeks ago & my app is reporting this device battery is at 1%. I spend SOOOOO much time on fixing issues with Smartthings devices - usually after there has been a firmware update…