SmartThings Motion Sensor eating battery due to high traffic

I just installed a brand new SmartThings Motion Sensor in my office and it seems to be eating its brand new battery. I installed it on August 7th and it’s already at 75% battery. I believe this is likely because I sit in the office for most of the day. I don’t want to turn it off completely during these times, but is it possible to slow doing the polling from sensor to say once every 10 minutes instead of instantaneous? If that is do-able, hopefully that can slow down the battery usage.

Is it ACTUALLY at 75% battery (measuring the actual battery with a meter vs. stated capacity) or is it just REPORTING 75% battery?

Reason I ask, the battery reporting on all battery powered devices is spotty at best and downright poor for these Samsung devices specifically. Most people report they drop almost immediately to some arbitrary number and stay there for a long time until they’re nearly dead and drop again to another arbitrary number one last time before they die.

It is from reporting. But honestly even if it wasn’t eating battery I would still like to lower the frequency of reporting.

if this is the new st motion sensor with the magnetic ball, then yes i have one in a high traffic area that is eating batteries too, but the others in much lower traffic areas are not eating batteries. i believe this was a common complaint about this new motion sensor.