Smartthings motion sensor & door sensor - report 1% battery after 4 hours ? (new battery)

does anybody have the same problem , i have 2 x door sensors and 1 x motion sensor, that have been reporting 1% battery for a while , if i change the battery they report 100% for about 4 hours, then i get an alert to say there 1%, they will then last 4 or 6 weeks then die, never had this problem before, it all started about 6 months ago.

i have other sensors (not samsung) that work fine ! , anybody got the same issue ?

You can contact ST support and ask them to help and maybe replace them.

I have very bad battery performance too but not that bad though.

How long are the batteries lasting? I have a few sensors exhibiting this behavior but the battery life on those seems normal. I’m wondering if it’s a recent platform algorithm change for reporting battery levels. In the past these devices would consistently stop working while reporting around 67%.

not more than a few months , i have just changed them on 2 door sensors and the motion sensor , they reported 100% for a few hours then dropped to 67% and within an hour 1%, i have reported this to support but not much of a reply other than a known issue !! would be great to solve it as i have no idea when a battery will fail, on the motion detector when it fails if i’m not in and the hub is set to away , it triggers the alarm !!! really annoying

have done , they acknowledge therres an issue but no resolve as yet , its been a good few months hopefully they will issue a fix

that’s strange they would not replace them. Ypu might insist over a support chat with them. I managed several times to get more efficient support by IM rather than email support.

You may want to see if a piece of the clear plastic from the battery saver didn’t get removed when pulled. I had the same problem and found when I pulled the battery saver clear plastic strip out when installing, it tore and a piece remained. What was odd is that it took days to go from 100,% to 1%. I had two with this problem. Hope this helps.