Pool temperature sensor (2021)

I was wondering if anyone has any smart ideas on temperature sensor for pools. I don’t know what can survive the chlorine. Anyone with a smart solution? :grinning::thinking:

There have been a few discussions on this with some creative solution, please use search to find all. Here is an example of one:

Excellent question. You’re right that swimming pools are very harsh environments. It’s not just the chlorine, it’s the fact that large amounts of chlorine are dumped in at once and then allowed to disperse through the pool. So this creates a very damaging environment due to that initial application.

What country are you in? The device selection does vary.

There are some devices made specifically for pool monitoring, but they are usually part of a larger system, not an individual temperature sensor that you could use with smartthings.

Also, you probably already know this, but you can’t just put a battery operated device in a baggie and try that. batteries can and do out gas. So the enclosure needs to be one designed for that kind of operation.

Qubino makes some zwave devices which can take an attached probe sensor, and the manufacturer recommends them for swimming pool monitoring. So that’s probably the simplest choice. Just make sure you put the relay device up out of the splash zone for the pool and well protected from the water.

In the US, The Smartest House carries the Qubino line:

In the UK, Vesternet carries the same line as well as some other brands like “secure.“

Thank you for a good answer. I have read about this a little. Does sound like the solution I will go for, il order it this week and tell you how it goes


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You might want to wait a few more days, it sounds like even the Qubino may no longer work after the recent changes to the smartthings platform. We’re hoping to find out more about this in a different thread:

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