Monitoring Temp with probe?

There have been lots of posts (older) about monitoring pool temperatures with a probe but there all using older devices that are not available now. Has anyone got a solution that works with current devices

Somebody just asked this earlier this week in the swimming pool threads.

Anyway, the Qubino devices are still available for both the US and the EU zwave frequencies.

Here’s the one for the US. You need both the probe and a relay module to attach it to.

It’s available in the UK for vesternet:

Vesternet also has a couple of other brands, including “secure“ that are not available for the US.

A note about Fibaro

The Fibaro “smart implant“ Device FGBS-222 should also work, and it’s also available in both the US and the EU, but it doesn’t seem to be working with the 2018 smartthings app. And I noticed that even the Smartest house doesn’t list it as being compatible with smartthings, although it does work with Hubitat and Vera. So I mention that one just in case you see it on a list somewhere, but I don’t think it works with the current smartthings platform. i’d be happy to be wrong on that, so if someone has a link to custom code for it that works with the 2018 smartthings app or the new 2021 smartthings app, please let us know. :thinking:

Thanks for the reply.
I have the Qubino Flush On/Off thermostat and the Flush 1D relay.
The first one I bought last year in the spring from The Smartest House. It was listed as working with Smartthings with a custom DH and it did work. It was disconnected until a few days ago and now I can’t get it to report the temperature. On The Smartest House, it’s not listed as working with Smartthings anymore. Same thing with the second device it was listed last year on TSH web site as working with ST not its ST is not one of the supported hubs

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Sonoff also do a th16 device which is a temperature sensing device (with temp probe) that is capable of switching a 16A supply at 240v.
It also now integrates with Smartthings.

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I have been informed (by The Smartest House) that my version of the Qubino Plus On/Off Thermostat Module will no longer work with Smartthings. There is a newer version ZMNKID3 and it is confirmed to still work.
I’m not sure why something works then not works. Does that mean that a newer version of the Device Handler has to be written

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This is almost always because smartthings has changed something in their architecture which no longer works with the previous custom code. :disappointed_relieved:

This happened to many button devices and multi endpoint devices in the shift from the old platform to the new that came about at around the same time as the shift from the 2015 classic app to the 2018 V3 app, although it wasn’t just because of the apps.

It sometimes happens that a newer model of a device uses a different set of Z wave commands, for example, which then allow for different custom code to make it work with smartthings.

It’s all very annoying, particularly because this is a smartthings-specific issue and doesn’t affect the device’s ability to work with other hubs.

So it looks like this is the one which is currently working with smartthings, and then you add the probe to that. I can’t tell from the product description if it needs custom code or not.


This is available in the UK from Vesternet:

Thats the same model that staff at The Smartest House told me would work only if you go to there web site Smartthings hub is not listed as works with.
Ive ordered the Sonoff with probe was only $27 CND
Ill give a try at flashing the Sonoff

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So the Sonoff th16 needs flashing to work with smartthings?
And that’s the route you’re going?
I haven’t decided yet what to order but was thinking to try the qubino.

yup it’s on order. Not buying Qubino. I know its not their fault but I just had purchased the sensor maybe 14 months ago and it’s useless. So I’ll give the Sonoff a try. Should be here in a couple of days

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This looks like a potential but I can’t find it retail.

No the sonoff th16 works out of the box with ST via their cloud integration.
No need to flash anything or write custom DTH.

So i can add the Sonoff th16 like i add any device in smartthings?

No you add an app called ewelink and add the device there then add the linked service called ewelink and all devices then show up in ST

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