Pool Sensor For Temp

@twack and I just had a back and forth on Twitter about pools and smartthings and one of the things I want to do (which is a simple thing I hope) is set something up to monitor our outside pool temperature. Does anyone know of a wireless sensor that could either float free in the pool or be attached somewhere on the side that would work with smartthings? I am guessing a multi isn’t waterproof so that wouldn’t be a good investment :slight_smile:

I wonder how long the multi would last if you siliconed around the edges? It’s an expensive experiment and also I’m not sure how accurate the reading would be.

Yeah I have considered that but its an expensive experiment indeed! One thing I have considered is using a wired temp waterproof probe and seeing if there is a sensor like the Everspring that I can hard wire into… anyone anymore thoughts?

How about this one: http://www.ebay.com/itm/400488050511.
Wire it up to Arduino SmartShield and off you go… :slight_smile:

@geko yeah funnily enough I am looking at doing something like that right now but haven’t played with Arudino before… can I run an arudino on a battery and have it transmit via wifi as I want this to be as self contained as possible!

There’re many ways to do it, of course. Yes, you can run Arduino from battery, but if you want WiFi, you’ll need a pretty big battery :slight_smile:
Zigbee is more power efficient. Another option - you can power it from a small solar panel. Sounds like fun DYI project :slight_smile:

Would the fibaro solution work for you?

So Acurite has a pool sensor which I believe is only available via Home Depot:

They also have a bridge to connect Acurite sensors to the internet:

From there you get something like this: (ignore some of the readings)

According to Acrite, they don’t have a public API, but you can (manually at this time) export readings to a csv

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You could also do what I’ve done with one of my other sensors (granted it’s an AcuRite RF one, but the principle is the same):

Take any Smarthings compatible sensor, with a little bit of packing peanuts,or foam, and seal it using a food saver vacuum bag. Assuming something other than ziploc bag, it will last longer than the battery.