Pool temperature sensor or temp sensor that accepts external sensor

Anyone know of a temperature sensor that I can hook up an external temperature sensor like this to measure pool water temp?

I know the intermatic pool controller has temp sensor just don’t know that I want to shell out the money for all that yet.

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I’ve found lots of 433Mhz, but not Z-Wave or ZigBee… Yet.

The Fibaro open/close has the ability to hook up to a 1-wire temp sensor. Wouldn’t be surprised if the linked thermometer would be compatible.


This (is it available yet?) or Mimolite both have Analog inputs which should work with some cabled probes.

I’ve had two for ages — still need to hook them up. They are shipping.

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Exactly what I was thinking with the Fibaro [Door/Window Sensor][1], it has 3 leads for a remote sensor. Fibaro has a Remote Waterproof Temperature Sensor DS18B20 although its hard to find the DS18B20 for sale in the US.

[1]: http://www.amazon.com/FIBARO-Z-Wave-Door-Window-Sensor/dp/B00P2QAR8C


Anyone know if these are smartthings compatible?

Curious as well if anyone has had success with Monnit products? I am really intrigued with their product offering for environment monitoring. http://www.monnit.com/products/wireless-sensors/

@byoung you would want their Water Temp sensor (link you posted was for air temp). http://www.monnit.com/Products/Wireless-Sensors/Commercial-Coin-Cell/900-MHz/Wireless-Water-Temperature-Sensors

Perfect…thanks! Their offering does look good!

Most waterproofed sensors are rated for tap water, not pool water, so check with the manufacturer before purchase.

The biggest problem with pools is that the chemicals just get dumped in all at once, then allowed to disperse. This creates pockets of hyper chemicaized water that can kill a sensor very quickly if it’s not made for that environment. And sometimes start a fire.

This is why pool equipment generally has its own codes separate from the other plumbing whether its UL standards or local town codes.

Usually if a probe is OK for use in a swimming pool, the manufacturer will list that in the applications, as Monnit does. :blush:

To go back to the original question, though, Monnit is not compatible with SmartThings. They don’t use zwave–they use their own proprietary protocol.

Our proprietary sensor protocol uses very low transmit power and requires specialized radio equipment to operate. Typical wireless devices that operate on non-proprietary communication protocols (Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Zigbee) operate using different frequency bands so they can’t be used to eavesdrop on the radio communications from the Monnit family of sensors. In addition we use a robust packet tampering evaluation routine to ensure that traffic wasn’t altered between the sensors and the gateways. This enables us to check for well-formed data packets that only originated from Monnit enabled devices. To further protect data we have algorithms that protect against spoofing and re-transmission of wireless data packets. This is included with the best in class range and power consumption protocol developed for Monnit wireless sensor systems.

just wanted to bump this up to see if anybody has found something? still looking myself.

The Fibaro rgb module should be able to read an analog sensor. Likewise with the mimo lite.

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(&I actually have the Intermatic Multi-Wave (semi) working which includes a temperature sensor.)

I’d also love to see a robust solution for this.

Just bumping the thread…

Is the Fibaro option the best one out there? It’s a bit expensive.

Does anyone know what the extra contacts inside the Monoprice motion/temperature sensors are for? Can an external waterproof sensor be attached to that? http://www.monoprice.com/product?p_id=10796 (Also branded as Go Control and a variety of other names. But I can’t find any documentation about it.)

I have a fibaro but the current device type doesn’t support temperature. I am not a coder so I’m a stuck until someone can help with that. I am happy to share my set up once I get the device type thing sorted.

Have you tried a different device type? Just a thermostat one perhaps?

I use Aeon Multisensor for my monoprice motion/temp sensors.

Just tried that with no luck. I’ll see if I can look at the temperature device type code and see if I can make sense of it.


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I know this is an old thread but suspect folks are still looking for a solution.


I also have their 2902A weather station, integrates easily with ST and has a nice ActionTile (below).

AWs devs say this pool sensor will do the same, I’ll circle back to confirm after I receive the unit.


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