Pool Temperature Sensor

Has anyone found a good temperature sensor for a pool? Im looking to put a sensor on the output of my pool heater



Nothing that you can buy outright I don’t think… BUT you could use an ardunio/rasberry solution? Then use a STs shield to connect it into STs. (STs shields should be coming soon)

Quick google search I did

Unlikely you could make an arduino-based system up to the physics of pool monitoring. (Two words: galvanic corrosion.) I’m not saying it’s impossible, but it’s not easy.Chemicalized pool water is a much harsher environment than tap water, and most jurisdictions have very strict codes about what electrical equipment you can put in the splash zone. (Just as an example, the Fortrezz water temperature sensor can be used with indoor plumbing, but is not rated for swimming pools.)

Intermatic makes some very nice pool monitoring equipment, as does Zodiac.

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I have the Zodiac iAqualink system but it can only do 1 water sensor. Im looking to monitor my outlet of the heater.


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Check this out

Would the fibaro solution work for you?

anyone else try this