Polling frequency

I have been having a lot of trouble with certain Z-wave switch reflecting there updated status with SmartThings. If someone turns on or off the switch, it doesn’t always reflect.

It is a big problem, because if I’m using a power allowance app, or using it to control something else It doesn’t do anything until I manually refresh the Things menu in the SmartThings iOS app.

It seems to be some of the switches not all, does it matter what order they were added to the network? Could it be because I’ve added a 2nd controller as a remote, and all switches after that time out possibly?

Or is it cuz I’m using some custom device types? It is starting to get annoying, and not being reliable is what might cause me to not be able to use this in my home w/ my family. It doesn’t have to have every feature but the simple things have to work at least 90% of the time, not 50% of the time.