Control / Increase Polling

Ok, so I have a problem some of the polling intervals on Z-wave switches and updating. I’m not sure if it is because I have a few Z-wave secondary controllers, or other devices but some of the switches are VERY slow to update there ON/OFF status in the devices.

This isn’t really a problem, UNTIL I’m using the Power Allowance app. The switch from delay to runOn has fixed the Command Stacking issue, but if the device tile doesn’t update the status then if someone turns on a light that has a power allowance application for 30 minutes later, and it never knows it is “shut off”, it turns off the light on people.

It is a big reason I went with SmartThings is attempting to save on enegry, but it is pointless if the lights turn off on people in the middle of doing something.

Is there a way to control how often ST polls a switch, can I make it so certain switches poll more often or frequently? Can I change the order of the ST polling the devices?

Does anyone have any ideas??