PoE Lighting

I was thinking about adding some lighting on my back deck, which currently has no power at all, and the thought came to me: are there any PoE powered/connected LED lights, and any that work with smartthings?

A quick google search shows there are some, but they all seem to be geared towards businesses. Have any of y’all worked with PoE lighting?

I don’t understand why you’d want to use POE lights. You’d have to run ethernet cable…outside. Wouldn’t it just be easier to run regular power and then control them from inside your house? PoE lights are all about being able to turn individual lights in a larger area on and off as necessary, therefore saving electricity and money. But I don’t think they’re really going to do you any good…that is unless you have a deck the size of the Chrysler building.

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I was thinking we’ve come such a long way with lighting efficiency that it’s actually possible to power a decent light with minimal wattage (800 lumens with +/- 10w).

Since I’ll be adding a new light regardless of how it’s connected, I thought there might be a better solution than pulling 120v power through my brick exterior. I guess we’re not quite there yet though.

Poe isn’t 120V though. You could run 12V strip lights and use poe injectors and splitters for it, but I’m not sure why you’d want to. :wink: you’d also only be able to run about 12" of strip light of each cable. 24GA isn’t designed for any load other than electronic. Most POE devices are 48V.

I’m either completely missing how electricity works with volts/watts, or not explaining my thoughts well, but I guess it doesn’t really matter. I think I’m thinking way outside the box and probably have my math all wrong for my idea to be worthwhile.

You can get regular outdoor lights that are low voltage. Here’s one that runs on only 12 or 15 volts.

To offset voltage drop though, the wire size has to increase. Over distance you might need to run 12ga or bigger wire. 24ga ethernet wire is definitely a no go.

These actually recommend 16 gauge.

You can use something like this to extend a hue lightstrip over PoE.

I Imagined a light designed to be used with PoE standards, instead of retrofitting power through cat6 cable, adapters, etc. Looks like that doesn’t really exist so I’ll probably just go the 120v route with a smart dimmer. I really appreciate all your input!

Yes, there are plenty of them. The LED low voltage lighting that’s available is configured as a DMX system so you can connect/control the lights from a keypad, an app on your phone, a motion sensor, a photocell, touchpad, etc. Take a look at these two. The Colorbeam is a little more expensive though. I’m about to have some installed to work with my Control4 system.


Oh, and Ubiquiti just released a POE powered LED light, but they only have one product now. Ubiquiti’s LED is very basic. Just plug it into a POE+ port on a switch.