Outdoor/Pathway Lighting

I was wondering if anyone was using outdoor/pathway lighting connected to ST’s. I have Hue throughout my home and it would be nice if they had a solution, but I don’t see that they do. I am currently looking at Orsam’s Lightify Garden Spots. Does anyone have any feedback on this topic of a different/better solution for ST integration?

Thanks in advance.

I just use a standard 12v AC system (600 watt transformer, but I replaced all the 40w halogen bulbs with cheap LEDs at 7w each) and put the 120v transformer input on a standard Z-Wave or ZigBee Appliance outlet.

Dimmer outlet worked, but two of them died, I guess from the surge of the transformer, even though the load is now only 100w.

IMO this is one of those things where connectivity is not necessarily a plus. Simple solar LED pathway lights are cheap, last years, and put out enough light for walkway and garden enhancement. Let the colors of the plants do the work for you… and if one gets damaged, you are losing a $2 thing rather than a $60 Hue bulb.

JMO of course.

I use the zWave GE Outdoor module connected to my low voltage transformer with LED lanterns. Comes on at sunset and turns off when I go to sleep. Works well, but you do need to install a low voltage wiring system in your garden.

Here are the lanterns I use:

Paradise GL22764 Low Voltage Cast Aluminum 11W Path Light, Black (Quick Clip Connector, Incandescent T5 Wedge Base Bulb - Included) https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00378KC82/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_awd_CRocxbMJ6D1C2

Definitely all great ideas. I certainly don’t want to use a $60 Hue bulb for a walkway. I also have the outdoor Z-Wave controller and I use that for my underwater pool lights. :slight_smile:

I was specifically looking at these or other ideas - so I definitely thank you for the otter ideas. Keep ‘em comin’!

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