Outdoor yard / garden lighting with existing low voltage wiring

I’ve got some existing low voltage (12V) lights in my backyard currently. As a result of the hurricane a little over a month ago some of my existing lights did not survive when a 500+ year old live oak fell on them. So I’m needing to replace all the lights since I can’t locate replacements. I’d love to use something like the Sylvania Osram Gardenspot style RGB lights as a replacement but I don’t look forward to digging and burying nearly 150’ of new lines around the yard when the existing wiring is fine. Is anyone familiar with some lighting that works already with low voltage wiring?

Here is what I did and it works great. The standard outlet that my transformer plugs into i switched out with the GE Zwave outlet. Now I control my transformer with SmartThings. I just bought the Coopoer 9500RF battery operated switch and put that inside the house so i can manually turn on my landscaping lights without my phone. Of course i set timers so they go on and off as desired. Works great.

I’m now using some cheap mostly 1 watt led lights and a AC/DC transformer with a photocell. The transformer has worked so well set to dusk-to-dawn that I haven’t considered hooking it up to ST. I don’t think I’d do anything differently. I guess I could see having some brighter lights that I might want to turn off when I went to sleep. Oh no. Another project. . . .

Thanks for the reply, to clarify the wiring and the transformer in my current setup work great and they control the timer and come on when I want them too. What I was hoping to be able to do though was use some RGB LED lights so that when I want to I could modify the colors and such through ST.

I think that in order to do this I’ll have to run some new wiring and extend the light kit with some generic 4 or 5 wire landscaping wire to my far corners. I was just hoping that it would be possible to plug in some LED RGB lighting to the existing 12V wiring already in place and be able to control them via ST. I know its a long shot but small dreams are easy right :slight_smile:

Hey LCSteve, any breakthroughs on RGB LED landscape lighting since you last inquired?

Unfortunately no, I’ve rehashed this in my brain a few times and not moved forward with it. I recently had to replace most of the wiring and all the lights in back yard due to a lightning strike just on the other side of my backyard fence. While that would have been a great opportunity to upgrade I thought about how much more it wold have cost me if I had installed the RGB lighting vs have plain ol yard lights. This caused me to plod forward in the backyard with a similar setup as I had. Now in the front yard that’s another story. When the weather cools down (for Pete’s sake the humidity was 86% and just shy of 90 yesterday, by the time I finished fertilizing my lawn at 7pm I was kinda wishing lightning would strike me). When I do my front lights this fall I plan on using something like the sylvania lightify garden lights, although the big thing holding me back with them is the lack of a white led. Maybe by then someone will have a 12V setup I’ll be able to use. If not I might just have to try to build something that can house some wet rated WRGB lights and make my own path lights.

LOL Short answer is no, I’ve seen nothing yet myself.