Battery-Powered Smartthings lights for movie posters?

Maybe in the wrong spot here, but I can’t seem to find anything elsewhere about this topic. I’m looking for some LED or otherwise lights that are Smartthings-compatible and BATTERY POWERED. Specifically I’d like to have some lights to spotlight my movie posters in my home theater. Wiring traditional lights is not an option and I’d prefer to avoid running wires under track or the like.

Anybody here know of such a product? Google searches just yield z-wave switches and whatnot. Thanks in advance.

Very few of these because the network antenna uses a lot of battery. But Philips Hue just came out with the Hue Go, battery powered. Nice but expensive. I think @smart has one.

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And it integrates fine with ST thru the Philips hue Hub. Little overpriced but beautiful.

Warning: Hue connect app has an issue currently where you cannot add a new bulb unless you remove the whole thing and redo the hue integration.


Thanks for the quick reply, JD. I think I’ve seen these before. Very cool product, but yeah, I need at least 6 of them, so at $100 a pop that’s a tough sell.

I should have mentioned I’d like something wall-mountable, kind of like the lights seen on picture frames to highlight artwork and such.

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One alternative would be to get nonnetworked cordless picture lights you like that come with IR remotes, and then use an IR bridge. Not cheap, but you could use one IR bridge per room, not per poster.

It’s possible that the eventual Harmony/SmartThings integration will make this possible, or you could look at the Global Cache iTach wifi to IR bridge, which some community members use for control of home theater equipment.

The point is that one IR bridge could then integrate with many different types of equipment that use IR remotes, including the poster lights.

Would take some setup, but could be awesome. :sunglasses:

Although I think if it was me I would probably just use a plug in LED strip along the whole area (not separated by poster) and find a way to hide the cord. That would give you color changing options as well, and the total cost would be much lower.

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I’ll look into it, hadn’t thought about that.

Thanks for the help, guys!

Hello there, I was thinking about doing the same thing and came across this! Did you ever find a solution? Please share. :slight_smile:

Hey Hawkhome. No, I never did find a solution. Unfortunately for me, the solutions available had a cost/benefit ratio that was really too high for me to follow through.

Moreover, I’m one of the few ST users that also uses Windows Phone, and the support from ST is quite lackluster. So my ST use cases are really limited to monitoring my garage door and being able to turn on my porch lights at random when I’m travelling.