Plugs in SmartThings have vanished

I have two houses with one ST v2 hubs in them. Recently, I’ve noticed a lot less plugs in the app and on the device list online. Last weekend one plug in my beach location worked one night with lighting animation and the next night didn’t turn on. I went to look at the app and the plug has vanished. This might be the final straw with ST.

Any advice? I have 26 devices on the ST hub between the 2 houses but at least 10 others that are either sitting in a drawer, offline or simply missing. At this point I kind of feel like a brand new hub or system that I could use those devices on might be my best bet before I give up home automation entirely. FWIW I have a whole bunch of Google home minis, 1 Alexa at each house and love voice commands and group music. HELP!
Thanks in advance for any advice or suggestions.

Brand and model of the plugs? Sometimes if a radio is going bad in the hub you might lose all the zigbee devices, or all the Z wave devices but everything else would work OK. :thinking: