Dead v2 hub after storm - help needed

Hey guys need some help here. We got hit by the tropical storm here and my power was out for 2 days. When it came on everything is working except my SmartThings hub. We lost power on 8/4 about 2pm. My hub says inactive on ide, it shows no status lights on the front, I’ve tried new plugs, it’s got new batteries in it. And nothing. Soft reset, no response. I ordered a v3 from Best Buy, but looks like there is no way to transfer the devices over easily. Someone please say it ain’t so, I have like 200 devices​:face_vomiting::cry:

Sorry, but that’s the current process for a failed hub, unfortunately.

That’s what I thought any suggestions on best how to approach this? Do I need to delete all devices in Alexa too so there are no duplicate devices?

I am hesitant to suggest how to handle Alexa as ST now has two Alexa Skills (the Original one that people seems to still prefer, and the New one.) Once you disable the skill, you will only be able to use the new one.

Perhaps someone like @prjct92eh2 Or @JDRoberts would have some better advice? :wink: