Please help identify outlet & driver

I Have this zwave outlet but it has no marking of brand etc. I dont believe it has be migrated because it does have a drive in the menu. Can anyone help identify this outlet/brand so I can update it? Also, maybe a good procedure to remove and add as new driver (idk if auto downloading driver will have it migrate automatically). Thank you

i have 8-10 of those. they came from monoprice. i stopped using them a while back as there was an issue they werent ‘checking in’ and would fall off.

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Thank you! Mines been working until edge drivers!.
At least I know the brand now. My wemos dont work so im def low on plugs. Thank you!

ill have to try them again once there is a compatible edge driver. i think i paid about $8 each on sale back then.

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Me too! It was a great deal. I let you know if I find a driver!

i remember i had to use them with short 1ft pigtail cords due to their bulky size.

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