Minoston S2 remote control switch edge drivers (might be an Aeotec knockoff)

Ok so I bought this Minostone z wave 4 button remote off amazon and when I added it to smartthings, it came up as a Aeotec wallmote. I went looking for an edge driver for this and found an aeotec help doc (Aeotec Edge Drivers : Aeotec Help Desk). I installed it, took the remote off the network and did a factory reset, then re-added it. It didn’t find the edge driver.

Is this a knockoff off?

That help doc also mentioned a third party making some drivers. I checked the CommanderQ edge drivers and found the code for the 2 button model.

That fingerprints file shows this -

  • id: “Aeotec/WallMote/US”
    deviceLabel: Aeotec WallMote (US)
    manufacturerId: 0x0086
    productType: 0x0102
    productId: 0x0081
    deviceProfileName: aeotec-wallmote

The raw description for the minoston product (grabbed from https://graph-na04-useast2.api.smartthings.com/) is this -

zw:Ss2a type:1800 mfr:0312 prod:0924 model:D001 ver:1.00 zwv:7.13 lib:03 cc:5E,55,9F,6C sec:86,85,8E,59,72,5A,73,80,5B,87,70,84,7A

So none of those IDs match what’s in commanderQ’s configs so I assume that is why it doesnt find it?

Any idea what is going on? If I don’t install an edge driver, is this going to stop working next year?

Also just want to say this thing looks and feels EXACTLY like a zooz zen34 (except a different button layout on the front). same dimensions. same magnetic wall plate… same battery locations and pull tabs…

Aeotec was fast getting back to me on this. They don’t know why the minoston product is coming up as their wallmote product so there is nothing for them to do here. I sent an email to minostone.

Minotec got back to me quickly as well. edge drivers here -

It has a 5th button though… It’s at the top and not labeled button 1 or 2 or 3 or 4. I’m just ignoring it.