Edge Driver for Z-Wave Smart Plug (HKZW-SO01)? Currently using ZooZ DTH

Hello, help pls. I have 2 qns. What is the edge driver for HKZW-SO01 @ Hank Z-Wave Plus Smart Plug HKZW-SO01 - The Smartest House. I have 6,7 of them and at lost on what would happen once the current ZooZ DTH goes away. I am using ‘zooZ Z-Wave Smart Plug’ DTH from erocm123. Second, how I can I force new device adds to use an edge drive or update it from DTH to edge driver? I was OK to re-add the devices. But, then didn’t want to delete the DTH and get into a bad spot. Appreciate your help. Getting back to the tech aspects of ST after long time due the headache of pending dooms day!

I have one Monoprice Plug which i think is the rebranded HKZW-SO01. I have always used a generic DTH for “z-wave metering switch” . I was looking for any edge driver to use with this device. So based on the fact that I was able to use a generic DTH I’m think this plug can use a generic edge driver. Or as you are able to use a ZooZ DTH it can probably use a ZooZ edge driver. Going to try it will report later.

I have the following Monoprice plug and use the “Zooz Switch” Edge Driver and it works good.