How to use my fibaro motion sensor

Hey guys. I got my fibaro sensor today and it connected right up to my ST hub. How do I get it to turn lights on when it senses motion?

First, I’m sorry that this isn’t self-explainatory. It’s not your fault… it’s just a confusing state of affairs right now.

Go to the Marketplace tab in the smartthings app.
Click on the Lights & Switches option.
Click on the Smart Lights app.
Click New Lighting Automation.
Follow the on-screen instructions.

If you have any other questions, please let us know!

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Simple enough, Thanks dude. Kist got it set up and THIS IS BRILLIANT!!! Going to be going with these throughout the house.

What would you say is an acceptable amount of time for turn off? I have it at 20 min right now. Can I go down more without it turning off while we are in the room?

Totally depends on the room and the motion detector. My kitchen is 10 minutes. My living room is 20 minutes, and the lights won’t turn off when the TV outlet is over 30W of power.

Mess around with it and see what works for you.

Thanks dude. Question. I just set it up in Rule Machine because after 3 times testing it out it stopped working. I am assuming its the ST app having the problem. How do I create a rule so rule machine turns them off after 20 min of no motion. I cant find where to tell it only after 20 min.

You want the “turn off after delay (pending cancelation)” option.

Found it. Thanks man!

Just wondering how everyone is positioning them in a room so the lights turn on when you first walk in but also in a way that constantly see you so it doesn’t turn back off?