Please check me to see if I am planning this right for exterior bulbs

(Troy) #1

I am installing 3 new exterior lights on the garage to mainly act as accent lights. I am thinking I will use an GE zwave dimmer switch with “dumb” dimmable led bulbs in the fixtures. I figure this way I will also get another zwave repeater out of using the zwave switch and have easy access to be able brighten the lights if needed. 98% of the time they will be set up to (on at sunset and off at 1 AM set to around 1 to 5 for dimming.
One thing that I am not sure of are: Will I be able to get the dim level set at and to remain at 1% without using something like rule machine? The link bulbs I am currently using in another application do not hold the 1% dim level and usually revert to 10% using only the smartthings app and I am hoping the dimmer with dumb bulbs will not act like those.
What do some of you more experienced persons think about my idea?
Any tips and/or model numbers would be appreciated.(the switch will be in an unheated garage in Michigan and could see very low temps at times also)

(Paul) #2

The GE zwave dimmer switches will be great for this. I can’t imagine you’ll have problems in a garage. You can set them to 1%… But I don’t know how much output you’ll see from your lights. Dimable LEDs usually pop out around 5%.

I think the problem with the GE link bulbs is a device handler issue in ST. There are custom device handlers that solve this problem, afaik. Search the forums.

(Benji) #3

Not sure about Rule Machine but the stock Smart Lighting SmartApp can only ‘Set Level’ at 10% increments which means it starts at 10% anyway.

Rule machine has an ‘Advanced Command’ option to send specific commands so if you can find out the exact command to send for setting the level to 1% you can probably do that!

(Tim Harper) #4

I have three of these exact dimmers. Don’t use SmartApps, use Routines. When using Routine, it will always go back to the last dim level.

I am not sure what model number you need?

(DavidK) #5

I think smart lightning does this also if you just set to turn on.

(Troy) #6

Thanks all for the feedback. I have purchased a zwave dimmer and will go this route.