Please check me to see if I am planning this right for exterior bulbs

I am installing 3 new exterior lights on the garage to mainly act as accent lights. I am thinking I will use an GE zwave dimmer switch with “dumb” dimmable led bulbs in the fixtures. I figure this way I will also get another zwave repeater out of using the zwave switch and have easy access to be able brighten the lights if needed. 98% of the time they will be set up to (on at sunset and off at 1 AM set to around 1 to 5 for dimming.
One thing that I am not sure of are: Will I be able to get the dim level set at and to remain at 1% without using something like rule machine? The link bulbs I am currently using in another application do not hold the 1% dim level and usually revert to 10% using only the smartthings app and I am hoping the dimmer with dumb bulbs will not act like those.
What do some of you more experienced persons think about my idea?
Any tips and/or model numbers would be appreciated.(the switch will be in an unheated garage in Michigan and could see very low temps at times also)

The GE zwave dimmer switches will be great for this. I can’t imagine you’ll have problems in a garage. You can set them to 1%… But I don’t know how much output you’ll see from your lights. Dimable LEDs usually pop out around 5%.

I think the problem with the GE link bulbs is a device handler issue in ST. There are custom device handlers that solve this problem, afaik. Search the forums.

Not sure about Rule Machine but the stock Smart Lighting SmartApp can only ‘Set Level’ at 10% increments which means it starts at 10% anyway.

Rule machine has an ‘Advanced Command’ option to send specific commands so if you can find out the exact command to send for setting the level to 1% you can probably do that!

I have three of these exact dimmers. Don’t use SmartApps, use Routines. When using Routine, it will always go back to the last dim level.

I am not sure what model number you need?

I think smart lightning does this also if you just set to turn on.

Thanks all for the feedback. I have purchased a zwave dimmer and will go this route.