Dimming GE Link bulb not working in app

Hey guys,

I’m trying out ST (ex-Wink user), and am working on setting up some automation, but having trouble with these GE Link bulbs.

I used the Smart Lighting app to create an action to turn 4 lights on and set their brightness using “Turn On & Set Level”. The action turns the lights on, but doesn’t set the level. They just use the same dim level that they were last time I turned them on. Has anyone run into this before? Any suggestions?


There is a seems to be a specific issue with the Smart lighting App and GE Link dimmers. You can directly control the dimmer and routines can handle dimming fine, so it seems to be limited to Smart Lighting (probably an API change that hasn’t been updated.)

Anyway, I have the same problem and got tired of losing my night vision at 2am, so I created an app that implements the “basic” features of Smart Lighting and correctly dims GE links.

There are also some alternatives in this thread (along with my github link to get my workaround’s code).