Smart Lights - 'Turn On & Set Level' Not Working

Hello, I need some help with the ‘Turn On & Set Level’ function of the Smart Lights smartapp please.
I would like for my lights on dimmer switches to turn on 100% the way i have it set to currently, but the lights turn on only at the last level they were set to.
Does anybody know why this is?

Currently I have my kitchen, living room and hallway lights (all on dimmer switches) set that way at night, triggered by motion. They turn on, but only at the level they were last set to… so the part of “… set Level” “Dimmer Level: 100%” does not work.

As a temporary solution, i have a routine set to turn the 3 switches on to 100% (which works), before turning them all off, but I would really like to do away with this extra step.

Thanks for all your help.

Known bug. No ETA.

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Thank you @btk!
I did a search before posting and didn’t see that. Now i know…