GE Link - Dimming under 10%

(Tim) #1

So I’m using the Smart Lightning app to turn on and dim my GE Link bulbs to 10% at night based on motion on/off. Now, after testing the dimming for a while, I think 10% is too bright and am trying to figure out a way to dim it even lower.

I searched and found updated device handler code for link bulbs, but am not having any luck with it giving me the option to set my own dimmer level.

I don’t want to stop using the Smart Lighting app because it runs local and I’ve found Rule Machine is too slow with the delay in catching motion and turning the lights on.

Anyone have suggestions on how to proceed?

(Bruno) #2

I’m having the same issues. That’s the only thing I don’t like about these bulbs. I ended up moving them to a different location and installing a zwave switch and using these phillips bulbs. They dim well. Home Depot always has them on sale for a $1.97

(Bruce) #3

Not certain about GE Link, but most dimmable devices come on to the last set dimmer level when given an on command. So one thing you could do is use Rule Machine to set the level at some appropriate time, but use Smart Lighting to turn it on/off from motion. Try on instead on and set level. That might get you the lower dimmer level while still running locally.