Platform Update - Release Notes - 10/07/2015


  • Renaming a SmartApp will now update the filename to match.
  • Fix messages being dropped when live logging in the IDE.


  • Improvements to uninstalling SmartApps

:sunglasses: Awesome!


So this probably explains the complete unstable IDE now? I am trying to create a new device type, every time I save, it either doubles up the interface, doesn’t save or just times out.

Should I open a ticket with support? Hate to try to explain this one to them.

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LMAO, I thought I was imagining things when this happened to me this morning!
It’s good to know I can continue drinking coffee…


Well, glad its not just me…

Yea, you broke it for sure, I know you did…

I get one device to try to hook up to ST and the whole IDE breaks? I am that good :smile:


Stop using Netscape :wink:

For reals though I will let the IDE guys know.


Wait is Opera supported? :smile:

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Wow, that brings back some memories…like using the pre-release Mosaic back at NC State in the day. Ah, the days of modems…

Yep - and knowing the connect speed from the handshake tones - so you knew when to hang-up and redial when you got a dodgy circuit without even trying to transfer anything…those were the days… :grin:


How about 300 baud acoustic couplers and finding phones you could adapt it to?

Ahh the BBS and fidonet days… Anyone build a quarter tone generator?

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And mum picking up the phone while you were ‘online’… damnit mum!! I was in the middle of a quest!

I remember the invention of call waiting. Caused more problems with modems…

I also remember being able to type faster then the modem could transmit and had to wait for the buffer to flush before continuing…

Ahhhhh. The 80s…

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Ah, yes…the magic “disable call waiting” command…*70 if I recall?

I’m sorry to say that much of this discussion pre-dates my technological awareness… My earliest memories are using a DOS command line and my shock when Windows 3.1 came out. Oh, and I remember buying a 2 GB HD for $100 and thinking “Wow! This is so much space, I’ll never fill it up!” …Now I’m running a 32 TB home server and quietly smiling at how somethings always change, and somethings never do…

Oh, but to stay on topic of the platform update, I’m just curious if anyone has noticed that devices are occasionally showing double since the update. That is, all the tiles in the device section of the app are duplicated in two sets. Generally, it happens when I swipe quickly from “Right Now” -> “Recently” -> “SmartApps”, then back to “Recently” -> “Right Now”. For example:

If I scroll down, there’s another set of tiles for temperature, battery, and reset. Seems worth reporting…

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Yeah, noticed it too, especially when “saving” in the ide, but it doesn’t take. Some sort of caching / doubling going on. Can’t recreate reliably so hard to report the issue. Glad you got a screen shot of it.

I am seeing something similar trying to get the power state of my v1 motion sensor. After creating a custom device-type (at the request of support), each time USB power is connected OR disconnected from the sensor, another instantiation of the sensor is added to my device list, assigned my custom device-type. I had 3 of them, and can continue creating them at will simply by connecting or disconnecting USB power. I deleted all instantiations of the motion sensor, but still can not delete the device type. I even edited the device-type to a blank state, saved and republished, but still get the error that it is in use when trying to delete it.

How do you do this? I think can’t work out if my sensor is being properly powered or not :frowning:

Me, Me, Me! Phone Freaking Payphones and using the 950 numbers. I know of a few people that got a Phone bill by the Truck load.

Even ran my own BBS on a Comodore 64!