Platform Update - Release Notes - 10/07/2015

Now those days were before mine time and it actually makes me side, as I only read all the phreaking stories/how to’s.

They were part of what got me so into computers.

I saw this too! It’s been tagged for investigation and fixing

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subscribe(motion1, "powerSource.battery", powerOff)
subscribe(motion1, "powerSource.powered", powerOn)

But it doesn’t work anymore. I am not certain just when SmartThings broke it, but it was between the time of the new hub rollout and a few weeks ago when I noticed it.

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powerSource isn’t a documented capability…
so this would have to have been jacked into the stock device as type at some point…

IIRC, it was in there from the beginning.

And initially, lots was not documented (and probably still isn’t) (c;

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Yes, Commodore 64 and WAR DIALING!

Do you want to play a game?

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Still no fix to the “Turn on and Set level” for GE dimmers I take it, @slagle ?