Physically changing status of Lutron dimmer not registering in app?

When I physically press the button my caseta dimmer to turn it on, this is not reflected in the SmartThings app. ie the light is on and the app thinks it is off.

Is this the expected behavior??!? If so, that’s pretty disappointing. :frowning:

I don’t have any Caseta devices but I’m pretty sure that’s not the expected behavior. When I’ve had that symptom in the past (with some Leviton devices) it was caused by a firmware bug in the devices.

Tagging @JDRoberts who is a fan of, and knowledgeable about, Lutron gear.


The best method to resolving the lutron caseta issue is to remove the integration and add it back. It can be a pain if you have many caseta devices and are using Routines with them because you would need to rebuild the Routines.

There were some users who experienced this issue if they had installed the integration before June 2021 and were using the old integration. After that time, the integration was updated and some users started seeing the issue you described. That is where removing and adding the integration back resolved it.

To remove the lutron caseta integration, go to Menu > Settings > LInked services


I never used the old app. I started with the new app in March 2020. I sure don’t relish the idea of redoing all my lighting controls. But I understand how that might resolve this.

Anybody else experience this problem and resolve it by removing/recreating the integration?

sorry, i was not referring to the Classic app but to the lutron caseta cloud-to-cloud integration. In June 2021, a newer intergraion was released that added the caseta fan controllers and switched over to the new schema of the platform. over the following months, users were migrated to the newer integration. Some users started experiencing the issue you described. The only resolution that I have seen to resolve was to remove and the integration back.

you can also contact ST support and report the issue.


I have and like Lutron Caseta dimmers although to be honest these days I mostly use them with HomeKit, not SmartThings. But in any case, I haven’t had the status update issue. Based on forum reports, That only seemed to affect a small number of users, and I have no idea why. :thinking:

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Another data point: The Lutron app (which just got updated today) DOES reflect the physical change of state, but ST still does not. Does that still point to re-doing the integration?

Hey there! @Barry_Chertov. I’m sorry to hear that you’re having issues.

As you mentioned that the device is responding in the Lutron App, it is recommended to remove your devices and Lutron from your Linked Services in the SmartThings app’s settings before re-adding.

If the symptom persists after attempting to re-adding the integration, I would recommend creating a Support ticket and we will be happy to look into your concerns further. You can reach out directly to a support team in your area using the below information:

US: 1-866-813-2404
UK support 0333 0000333

I hope this message finds you well!


Ok, I will remove the Lutron integration :frowning:

I have smart lighting, automations, scenes, and device settings, plus google assistant routines that link to scenes and devices.

Is there a recommended procedure for removing the Lutron integration?

Can I just unlink the Lutron from the Ios app Menu → Settings Gear → Linked service → Lutron → Delete? And will everything take care of its self?

Or do I need to remove like this (in order):

  • smart lighting automations (removed Lutron devices from each automation and leave place holder device)
  • Automations (removed Lutron devices from each automation and leave place holder device)
  • Scenes (removed Lutron devices from each scene and leave place holder device)
  • Devices
    and then remove the Lutron integration?

Is there anyway to record my current setup short of writing everything down?

Do I need to do anything else to ensure I install working integration?
Do I need to do anything to the Lutron or ST hubs?

This starts to hit rock bottom to the level of SmartThings support.

The obvious reason to all the reported cloud-to-cloud issues is the failed callback.

Many people reports this sort of issues, not just with Lutron, but recently with Philips Hue, and I had similar experience with LIFX as well.

There should be a way to re-initiate the connection without bombing a whole setup. Where is the user friendly approach in this? Let’s day the user have 10 devices from the integration and built a decent amount of automations/scenes (5-10) and now you are asking to rebuild everything from scratch.

Why are you not reseting your phone for example, to understand how does it feel like setting up home automation from scratch again?

Here lies @JDRoberts’ rule about maintenance free operation. If a Home Automation system starts to be a burden to always pet it and reconfigure it, then that’s were people start to drop it.