Physical switch not updating status in the smartthings app

HI There
I bought a aeon dsc26103 and the switch is not updating the status when manually switch on or off.
I have the device handler zwave switch ,witch work on local mode.I have try different dth from smartthings and none seem to update the status. Strange that the same switch but with energy monitoring dsc18103 doesnt have that problem.

I can fix it by using the dth from Mike Maxwell but i loose the local control and by the same time, samsung connect is not working.

So i have made a webcore piston to trigger refresh on that switch every minute.
That been working but it can take up to one minute .

1- Is there a good dth to use that i will not loose the local process ?
2-Is my webcore piston do put load on the smartthings hub by refreshing the switch every minute ( i have 2 more switch to install)?
3- Any other workaround ?


In my experience, all custom DTH and SmartApps run on the cloud only. You could try choosing a different Aeon DTH in the IDE under Devices from the dropdown list for that device. There are some fully supported Aeon Device Types in the list that may work, maybe somebody else could chime in here? Also, some devices have to be powered down (breaker or disconnected) one time after install or they don’t report manual switched events, although it’s very rare.

But your trick did not help !
I have find a way to make the switch update when the physical switch is flip .
I have changed the paramater 80 from 0 to 1 with zwave tweakers device handlers , when done i put back the original zwave switch dth ,and now its working with local process , in case someone is having the same probleme!!!

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