Physical setup FGD212 with Jung Multiswitch 532-4U

Hi all,

I have a few FGD212 dimmers in my walls from Fibaro, which I would like to setup wired as well (now they are only controllable via phone/voice (Google Home Mini linked to Smartthings).

What I am not sure of though, is how to set up this physically. I have been doubting quite a while what physical unit to buy, and ended up buying a Jung 532-4U (I think online known as 532-4EU) as this should enable me to setup scenes and easily (physically) increase and decrease the light (or on/off, trigger scene).

Now I received the switch, I don’t understand how to physically wire it (and link it to the Fibaro FGD-212).
To make it easily understandable, I numbered the wiring options on the photo :slight_smile:

Please also let me know if 2 and 5 have to be connected to live (230V) wire?

Furthermore I would like to know how to software-wise setup the dimmer, I think parameter #20 (“Switch Type” - Physical switch type momentary, toggle or roller blind) should be adjusted to Momentary, correct?

Thanks in advance for helping me (a step) further :slight_smile:!

To make it more convenient, the FGD212 layout: (sorry, as newbie only 1 image allowed per post :slight_smile: )