Wiring fibaro FGD211 to two-way circuit? (UK)

Hi there - I’m looking to wire up a FDG211 dimmer to a two way switch, with neutral at the switch. The wiring is like this:

Please can someone advise how to wire? The diagrams on Vesternet don’t seem to cover the way my circuit is currently wired. Help much appreciated!!!


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Just a reminder to US community members that a “2 Way” in the UK is the same as what is called a “3 way“ in the US.


I just fitted a FDG212 dimmer to a two way circuit and installed the module at the ceiling rose, where are you wanting to install yours ? Ceiling or switch ?

Mine was wired like this:

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Thanks Simon. My switches seem to be wired differently to yours…on mine a live comes into the COM on switch A and as a switched live out of the COM on switch B, whereas yours has the COM linked directly between both switches (the black wire). That means I only have a switched live and neutral at the rose, so I can’t fit the device there.

I’ve just found what I think is a solution on Vesternet but it indicates will only work with momentary switches (I’d rather stick with toggle). Anyone know if/why this is really the case?

Appreciate the benefits of momentary but was planning on controlling dimming via the app or Alexa so ideally would stick with toggle. Definitely no way this can work with toggles @anon36505037? I came across this French site which seems to imply it’s possible…


Excellent. Thanks for confirming @anon36505037! Will be a few days before I can try it but will be sure to let you know how I get on.

Great to have such an active community :relaxed:

I’m using the FGD211 (no 212, which is the bottom French diagram), so won’t have the red loop?

I think the wiring will look like this, with the neutral wired in to N…?

Ok, so have it wired in but the hub just doesn’t see it at all. Pushed the ‘B’ button three times quickly whilst ST app in pairing mode, but not appearing. Hub is fairly close to the switch. Any ideas…?

Factory reset seemed to work, though it’s quite temperamental.

Power off
Power on
Hold B for 5 seconds and release
Three quick clicks of B

Now need to set those parameters…!

ah. Seem to have fried the device. Ah well.

It was working via the app but when I set the parameters it fizzled and buzzed, slight burning smell and it went out.

I’m wondering if it would be easier with a more recent model? Will the dimmer 2 (212?) work in this configuration?

Thanks yes good call. I spoke to my electrician at length (it’s a new build) so thought I had it covered :-/

Ok! Got myself a shiny new 212, continuity tested the circuit and have it up and running.

Seems to work ok, but when I use the switches to turn on and off, it sets the brightness to 1%.

And the dimmer function doesn’t seem to be available.

Any suggestions…?

Seems to now be working ok. I changed switch type (20) to toggle (1) and three-way (26) to on (1).

On the old ST app there was no option for dimmer control. On the new one it’s there though. I can now use Alexa to dim or brighten and the switches just to turn off/on.

Thanks so much for your help Robin :smile: