Association - Fibaro Dimmer FGD-212 and WallC-2 switch

I have a Smartthings V2 hub that is working correctly with Fibaro FGD-212 dimmers. However, I am trying to create an association between a WallC-2 switch and an FGD-212, and cannot get this to work. I am performing the following steps while both the switch and dimmer is set up in Smartthings:

  1. Putting the WallC-2 in Management Mode by pressing all 4 buttons.
  2. Press butten 4 on the WallC-2 to get it to communicate with the Fibaro dimmer.
  3. Press button 4 on the WallC-2 to enable this switch to dim the lights with the Fibaro Dimmer.
  4. Press 3 times on the B-button on the Fibaro dimmer to get it to send out a node information frame.

I can not get this to work, and I am watching live logging while I am trying to do these steps. The live log does not display any events while I attempt the association.

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Hi Eivind,

You’re going about this the wrong way. ST needs to see these as separate devices, the switch needs to talk to ST, and ST to the Fibaro. The switch shouldn’t talk directly to the Fibaro.

The bad news is that ST doesn’t deal with remote switches like these in the majority of cases, and that one certainly isn’t a supported type.

The good news is that it’s possible for community members to write custom device handlers for switches like this, and the great news is that your switch looks very much like a variation of another switch, the Popp 4 way dimmer, which has had extensive work done on it by @AdamV:

This won’t be simple, but you can get it to work.

Thank you John:) I got the turning on and off to work, still working on getting the dimming right. Just to verify: if I understand you correctly, there is no way to get the WallC-2 switch to associate directly with the Fibaro dimmer - it has to go through the Smartthings software? By the way: WallC-2 and Popp seems to be the same product.

There probably is a way to do it - but that would defeat the point of using a gateway like ST.

What are you trying to achieve re: dimming, I may be able to help

Hi AdamV. I am trying to dim the lamps by using both Smart Lighting and the button controller app, but it does not work. Right now I have the same switch configured in both Smart Lighting and the button controller app, maybe this could cause the problem? The Smart Lighting is used to turn the lamp on and off via the switch, while I am trying to use the button controller app to achieve the dimming. In the button controller app, I have the following settings:
Dimming Increment: 10
Whilst button is held (fired every 1s while held): Devices to dim/roll up is set to the switch on button 2
Devices to dim/roll down is set to the same switch on button 4

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can you send me a screenshot of the setup in each app?

  • can you try it whilst using live logging and show me what you see?

Hopefully I can help