Photocell/Lux Sensor to use with SmartThings? (UK)

Hi All,

Just wondering if anyone can recommend a photocell or lux level sensor for use with Smartthings. Indoors or outdoors is fine!


Here you go (correct link this time):

Thanks but this won’t work in the UK market. I’m sure the frequency for US and EU are different for Z wave.

Do you know if the Samsung PIR has the light level function?

The mijia is zigbee, so it will work for you.

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The thread @Pogga linked to was for Ireland. Those recommendations should all be fine for you. :sunglasses:

And, no, the SmartThings brand devices don’t have a lux sensor.

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I’ve got 4 of the Xiaomi Mijia lux sensors (mention in the above link). They cost me $9 each including shipping, although they took 2 months to get to me from China. So far they are working great. I’ve got 1 outdoors, but under a covered porch so it is not directly exposed to rain/snow. The rest are indoors, and have allowed me to adjust my Smart Lighting automations to turn on lamps when it gets dark.

The only downside is that it needs the custom DTH, which makes the Smart Lighting rules cloud based. That’s means they are a little less responsive than a local device, but that really doesn’t matter for automation that is changing upon a lux value. All of my lights controlled with such rules also have another rule that is based upon an offset from sunset, and that rule runs locally, so my lights should always work if the Internet is down or the SmartThings cloud has an outage.

Since they are Zigbee it uses the same frequency world-wide, so you should have no problem in the UK.