Dumb Photocell into St?

For a while now i have had the urge to get reliable on off for lighting not only outdoors but indoors as well, sunrise sunset can be a bit hit and miss, getting lux values from weather tiles is un reliable and a timed event becomes pointless as the light changes throughout the year

I appreciate you can purchase purpose made smart photocells or multi purpose zwave devices but as far as i could tell they were battery operated which is something i want to avoid and they cost more than i wanted to pay

So my latest little project is adding a photocell to my rear house lights which are powered through a power sense plug ( Uk) pocket socket (Us)

The photo cell is not adjustable and comes on at the same lux level every day ( dusk ) from the power draw triggered by the rear lights coming on i should be able to get reliable on off via a smart app from Cobra that detects above below power changes

Anyone else done anything similar ?

I don’t know much about it, but HomeSeer makes a Z-Wave floodlight switch–it has motion and lux–and I think those report those levels to the hub.

Never heard of Homeseer Brent, probably an American store of some sort

No I’m looking to simplify and get reliability, i can foresee a few issues but ultimately im sure it will work

Sorry, @fido, I thought you were in the states when you had US above.