Need recommendations for a light sensor for Ireland


I need the communitys help trying to figure out what light sensor to go for in my ST setup here in Ireland. The ST UK site only lists about 3 that I could discern:

  • Aeotec Trisensor (~£45 on Amazon)
  • Aeotec Multisensor 6 (~£80 on Amazon)
  • Neo Coolcam (~£35 on Amazon)

The reviews on Amazon for all 3 vary from average to poor so I’m throwing this out to you folks, what can people recommend as a good light sensor? Please bear in mind I’m not going add another hub which, unless I’m mistaken, eliminates the Philips Hue options.


Amazon ratings rarely go above 3 for most Zwave and Zigbee devices because there are so many people who just don’t understand what they are buying. Vesternet ratings generally represent a more informed audience.

The Aeotec devices are generally good and work well with smartthings.

Do you need these for indoors or outdoors?

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Here’s what a few of us are using (US and internationally)

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@JDRoberts they’re for indoor only. I was more concerned about the comments in the reviews, specifically around issues with the lux reading capabilities but I will definitely check out that Vesternet site!

@johnconstantelo this look ideal! These are so cheap I’ll definitely order one and give it a go. Thanks so much!


Quick update, 2 sensors ordered with 2 to 4 weeks shipping time. Will start getting stuck into those as soon as they arrive. Thanks again guys.

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They have the same “drop off the network“ issue as the other xioami devices, though, right? What are you using for a repeater?

Nope, not one single drop off at all. These are their new zigbee 3.0 and are rock solid. They’re fast and reliable.

I have one connected directly to the hub, another is through a GE switch, and the third is through my new Aqara double rocker.

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One more option which is more expensive but has excellent weatherproofing if you need one for outside and a ten year battery…

Sensative has a strip sensor with an unusual combination: temperature and lux. (No humidity.)

These are available on either the North America or EU/UK frequency, so make sure you get the one that matches your hub’s frequency.



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Thanks @JDRoberts, I might have a look at that as an option. £49 is very pricey but I dont really have a need yet for outside. 3 more of the Xiaomis are en route so I have a task to get those installed first.

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