iOS app logging out consistently

Anyone else constantly having to enter your user and pass? I have been using the app for a couple months and this seems like a new issue. Not a horrible problem as I can still login. But I have noticed this, and all of my timed rules, apps and routines all died last week. They all required changing the time and clicking done.

A bit frustrating to say the least. I know these are normal problems sometimes but they change when things are going smoothly. The WAF is dropping!!


My Wife complains about this also. It’s a known issue and a very annoying once b/c you have to re-setup your widgets/Apple Watch config each and every time. I am tagging @jody.albritton and @slagle to see if they have any idea when this bug will be fixed.


I started having the same issue yesterday having to login every time I go into app and also rooms not loading.

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I’m not sure if this is the same for eveyrone else, but this ONLY appears to happen if you setup widgets. Everytime I add the widgets I have to re-log in the following morning and re set them up. It’s almost as if EVERY night there’s a sweep done on the app. I was having the same issue with SmartThings automatically connecting to new Z-Wave devices. They were devices I DID NOT want on SmartThings. So every morning I had to remove them. I finally gave up and removed the batteries from them so they wouldn’t get added.

I am having the same issue. It looks to have started yesterday evening and now I am constantly logging in after I have not used the app for a period of time (about 3 hours).

Interesting how you noticed the widget thing. I have not tested that as I have not lost my current widgets. I do think this started happening last evening so we all seem to have a pretty consistent timeline.

And concurrent logins work okay, but like you mention if you wait a couple hours it logs out.

Fun fun!

Make sure to submit a support ticket :slight_smile:

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I just realized another problem with this constant logging out of the system. The presence notifications are based on being logged in. My wife left today while logged in… At some point the app decided she was no longer logged in and none of the presence rules ran when she returned because it still showed her as “away”. As soon as I logged back in via her app, she showed as present…

So I’m thinking I need to re-evaluate how I do welcome home type actions… Do you guys use presence or just motion? I’m struggling with how to personalize the routines if just using motion.

Same here for me and my wife.

I have a presence using my iPhone and tonight it did not perform “I’m back” commands. After reading your post I’m wondering if it has logged me out and not picking up my presence.

Yeah, that’s definitely the case with me. It’s really too bad when we have to plan our Routines around having the expectation of being logged out of the app, I wish someone from Smartthings would give an update. Support says they are aware of it and there will be another update soon but that was a couple weeks ago.

After getting frustrated with the iPhone presence detection not being consistent on the app, I moved to using Life360 as an alternative. While not perfect I have found it to still be working more consistently than the built in presence feature of the ST app.

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I have an easy solution that works every time!

  1. Quit all apps.

  2. Turn off phone cold.

  3. Restart phone.

  4. Launch SmartThings app.

  5. Re-enter user name and password.

  6. Use app.

When you want to use the SmartThings app again, begin with step 1 again.


Yes, very frustrating. Both on iPad and iPhone. I’ve also had routines fail to run on the v2 hub.

This happens to me quite often too.

This just started happening to me too.

Same here… any idea why ?

My wife and I have also experiencing logouts (iOS app) for the past few days. We have not changed or added anything to our setup. Very frustrating - especially for my wife who isn’t entirely sold on our “smart house”.

Same issue here and it’s messing up my presense based routines. Thankfully the hubs doesn’t run an iphone so his continue to work since he’s the one I’m still trying to convince this wasn’t a waste of money.

Yes, all the time, and for some reason, the iPhone/Pad apps are not remembering the user ID and password. I did notice, after I reset the hub, that the app comes up and logs on as it should. It may have something to do with this ongoing hub problem. Whatever it it, I wish it would get fixed!

Thanks for posting.

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