Getting my hub today. Setup questions

Hey guys. Really excited to be getting my smart things hub today. Just curious what I will need to do to get everything working under it.

I have 10 OSRAM/Hue lightbulbs, a schlage dead bolt, and a nest cam.

What will I have to do to move the light bulbs over to ST? Do I still use the bridge that is paired with the bulbs currently or is it completely removed from the equation?

The door lock I know I will have to turn on Z wave first.

Nest? I imagine this is going to take a bit more work as I understand it is not officially accepted.

Thanks for the info and I look fwd to learning a whole lot.

To be honest, my best advice at this point for a good setup experience is to slap an RMA sticker on the box as soon as it arrives and send it back.


Wow. Thanks for being completely unhelpful.

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Yeah, he kinda let his bitterness at ST overwhelm your need for help.

Most of the things you mention can be integrated, I think. I say I think because I don’t have a thing that you have except for Hue lights, and that’s a special case. Read on.

You’ll probably want a developer account, so you can add custom device handlers. that’s at

READ UP on how using that works. It can be confusing! Search here for your specific devices for ideas. I THINK the Osram lights can be directly controlled by ST. Bad news is NEW Hue integrations are currently broken, meaning you won’t be able to add your Hue Bridge, which is required. (I could be wrong about that. If I’m not, put in a support ticket instantly and complain pointedly that an advertised feature isn’t working.)

Read up on Smart Apps, Device Type Handlers, and how all that works. Consider carefully whether to start using SmartApps like Smart Lighting and such, or if you want to install something like ObyCode SmartRules or Rule Engine. Most of us find that after a lot of experimentation, we want the flexibility of a real IF/AND/THEN/AND way of making things happen. SmartApps from ST don’t really allow that.

When looking through device types/SmartApps from templates, keep in mind the maddening lack of an alphabetizing standard–I couldn’t find The Big Turn On for the longest time because it was under the "T"s for The rather than the "B"s for Big.

Ok thanks for the info. Where do I find documentation to read about the items you have recommended I look at. Is that at the dev link as well?

I should restate, the couple Hue lights I have currently work through my osram bridge, they are not on a separate hue bridge.

As far as making the lights all work with ST do I have to do anything special before connecting them to ST? Do I have to delete them from OSRAM app first or does that not matter?

I am a bit overwhelmed right now but hope Ill get it figured out.

I guess I should have typed a :wink: to imply that that was a joke, though given the tone of many of the posts on this board, I can see that that comment may be taken as serious.

But seriously, don’t try to setup your hub for a little while. You may not be able to add the hue Lights or configure routines or smart lighting as the latest batch of fixes has broken everything.

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Thanks for the info. Im ready to get my door lock opening closing remotely as soon as possible. No way I cant set it up tonight :slight_smile: I cant have a new toy and not play with it.

Honestly I think the lock integration is the most satisfying part of my HA setup. I don’t get good cell service where I live so my phone presence doesn’t arrive until my WiFi connects, so usually my door unlocks right as I am walking down the path to the front door.

Makes me feel like a wizard.

Look for ethayers lock manager [on phone so can’t find the link], it lets you manage the door codes through ST and provides better notifications such as who unlocked the door, etc

If the bridge is the “Philips Hue” leave all your bulbs connected to it and use ST app called “Hue Connect” ( Installed by going to Mobile app/Marketplace/Things/Light and Switches/Light Bubls/Phillips/Hue Light Bulb") However… Its a big however… Current I believe the install will fail telling you that you need a V2 hub (which you have). There is a bug in this procedure that is currently being worked on.

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What?!? ive been reading these forums for a few weeks as i have hue bulbs and some nests. The hue integration is broken?! ive read the rumours that ST is buggy but thats just plain crazy. Im close to hitting the buy button but perhaps i should hold on.

NEW installs of Hue Bridges wasn’t working. If you have one already set up, it keeps working.

As I’m not trying to set up a new bridge, I can’t say whether this problem has been fixed yet.

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And if you are using them through an osram bridge and not a hue bridge? Thats my situation.

Also, can someone tell me what App I need to have installed on my phone.

If you are buying the Hub mainly for your hue bulbs, the answer is yes. I have heard no timeline on when this bug will be fixed. Too bad as the Hue bulbs on ST with Hue Connect are the most reliable lights I have connected :slightly_smiling:

I only am only aware of Hue and Wemo Connect problems but I would guess it may be a problem as well. Seems that the issue is the “Connect” app…

Smartthings for iOs or Android

+1 expect new configuration issues at the moment. I added a new zwave plugin - that worked. Then I tried setting up a new lighting control to the existing “Smart Lighting” since 5pm EST Feb10, and the Android app flashes a red-bar-error and I cannot proceed - that problem still exists now noon Feb11. “Smart Lighting” is a standard ST smartapp and I am still on hubv1.

Existing control functions work. I was able to add a CUSTOM ST app instead of SmartLighting.

Results may be different for an IOS app - I haven’t tried the ipad app yet.

he was being completely honest…you just bought into a world of disappointment and frustration.


I feel that peoples views and experiences with ST can go either way. Mine overall has been a very positive one so far. I’ll admit I am only just starting into my second year of owning ST. When looking back I can say that over all things have gotten better in my opinion from when I first started. Of course there are still issues or events or bit if downtime that make some upset. I believe its growing pains and in the grand scheme of things this is still a new company in a very new market. Yes they have the backing of large company but its still going to take time to sort things out as you can’t just throw money at something to make it instantly better.

Heres a little info for you on my setup and what I use.

Z-Wave Door Locks and Presence Tags

I have z-wave door locks that I use the ST presence tags to remotely unlock. If you search you will find that presence tags are another sore spot for some users. I’ll admit I wasn’t happy at first. But after I bought a couple of Zigbee plugs to strengthen my mesh, sorted out some wifi interference issues I can say that for the last 8 months they have been rock solid for me. Yes the battery life isn’t what we all hoped for but my thinking on this is I can get a case of batteries off of Amazon for next to nothing and then maybe every three months I have to invest about 30 seconds of my time into changing the battery in the tag. I can live with this as the convenience off never having to unlock my doors outweighs any minor problems I might have.

Z-wave Switches, Dimmers and Motion

I have a bunch of z-wave lights switches, a few motions sensors and some lamp dimmers. All of these are awesome as you can can pretty much do anything you want with them, lights turn on ass you arrive, turn off at night, come on with motion etc.

Amazon Echo

I have two Amazon Echos and the integration with ST is amazing. Now I can simply say a command to turn on or off lights. Have modes changes with commands, have lights turn on when the alarm goes off in the morning.

Nest Thermostat

Again the integration with this suits my needs. I can have the heat turn up in the morning on days where my alarm goes off and I have go early, or using my presence tags as soon as the house isn’t occupied it goes into Away saving me energy. It proves to me more effective then relying on the built in sensor on the thermostat itself to judge if the home is occupied or not.

Again this just a couple of examples of what I do with my setup and I wanted to post just to simply show that there can be great experiences out there as well. Im glad that you are excited about your new hub, I was too and I am extremely happy with my choice of ST. The best part is this community and the amount of smart apps and custom devices available on here. There are a lot of dedicated people who share their handwork will everyone that only makes ST even more robust and enjoyable.

Can you explain the smart apps thing? So essentially you have the Main application and you can then add sub apps within that? Ive noticed a lot of people talking about the rule machine. Is this an app that would go in the ST main app as well?