Philips hue weirdness


Is it just me or is anyone else having strangeness with Hue integration?
Every three days or so I loose control of Hue lights until I reboot the ST hub.

(Aaron S) #2

I suspect the IP address for the Hub and/or Bridge are changing and not getting picked up. Couple things:

  1. Do you have any subnet switches, DNS routing tables, wonky firewalls, etc. set up?
  2. If you refresh the SmartApp is it more reliable?

Next time this happens - before doing a reboot - shoot a note over to and ask them to check the device network ID (DNI) for the Bridge


Nope none of that stuff. It’s only started happening in the last couple of weeks. IP address of the hue hub hasn’t changed. I will set the router to always assign the same ip to the hue hub and see how it goes. Thanks for the tip on the dni though.

(Larry) #4

there was an update to the hub firmware and now it keps flashing and says it cannot connect. they totaly changed the firmware and the way it connects to beef up security… i suspect that is your issue as well…