Hue and smartthings ip address

Okay so today i restarted my smartthings hub, and also restarted my hue bridge, now in doing this it changed the ip address of the hue bridge and now smartthings wont turn on/off any of the hue lights. Does anyone know how to make smartthings see the new ip address from hue ? If i click on the hue bridge in the smartthings app it says the ip address is XXX.XXX.XX.29 and if i go to the hue website it says it .4 thats how i know smartthings has the wrong ip. I wanna try to fix this without starting over or deleting anything. Would anyone know of how to make smartthings see the new ip from hue ? thanks Ryan

Okay i just fixed it, here is how i did it in case anyone has this problem in the feature . The smartthings hub was seeing a hue ip address of i could not change this ip address in smartthings app or website. The hue bridge was seeing a different ip address so i just went into the hue app on my ipad went to bridge settting , then to the network setting turned off DHCP and then typed the ip address that smartthings was seeing and it worked. Im not sure why i couldnt change the ip address in smartthings but it worked on the hue side .

You’ll run into another issue when your router gives .29 out again via DHCP and you end up with an IP conflict.

Make sure your router knows not to do this either by removing that address from the DHCP scope or by reserving it for your Hue hub.

Thank you ! i was just thinking of that myself ill go into my router and reserve that ip for hue bridge, like i did all the other things on my network. Sonos is another one you wanna make sure the ip address reserved in the router .

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