Hue Bridge not connecting

I have just purchased a couple of lights and Hue bridge package, updated firmware all works fine on Hue only side. I try to add to ST via the manual manual - add bulbs- Philips hue(UK) and it just keeps searching and finds nothing. Ive tried rebooting ST, plugging in the Hue as i start the search, etc, basically all option on here, but nothing works. Any advice appreciated.

Anyone help??? Is this a stupid question hence no responses?? Have I missed something obvious?

David, I just purchased 2 Hue lights and a bridge and am having the same issues as you are.
Have you been able to resolve it yet?
Joe B.

My Wifi was erratic. I think an open port had been exploited. Strangely the issue only affected a few devices on the network. I sussed it with my Google Home, which was really slow to respond.


I found my issue.

I had my Smartthings hub connected to a different router (cable modem/router) and my Hue hub connected to my Netgear router.

Once I connected them both to one router, Smartthings recognized the Hue hub.


You can kind of guess on here if no one answers you its often because your missing something obvious.